Camp Out – 27.09.2019

TIFA Working Studios presents CAMP OUT in association with Kitty Su & Mist.

Date: 27 Sep 2019 Friday
Time: 9 pm onwards
Venue: Coco Sushi Bar, Koregaon Park, Pune
Entry: INR 500
Online Tickets at

Performance is an essential aspect of gender, sexual and self-expression. Moreover, it can be a celebration of diversity and voices. Camp out is a celebration of gender and sexual spectrums featuring a drag performance by Zeesh, music, dance and a party.

A visual artist where art meets variety, Zeeshan Ali adheres to no boundaries. He is real yet whimsical. His work is a vibrant exploration of make-up, designing, styling, photography, modeling, and live performance.

Zeesh is the drag persona who is gender fluid and a shapeshifter who believes ze can be whoever ze wants to be. Ze’s performances have a cinematic, almost theatrical quality with a touch of old school spook.
From gracefully posing for the digital cover of Vogue India to shaking up the audience with a dramatic and theatrical lip sync performances. Zeesh’s performances is a cohesive blend of the past with abstract modern elements. It could be a 90s production conceptualized with innovative styling techniques, handcrafted costumes and accessories. The stage is where ze comes alive, the stage is home!

See you!

Entry: INR 500/-
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* Organizers hold the right to reserve entry.

* Pre-Booked Tickets are not refundable or transferable.

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* Any individual who breaches any club rule will be asked to leave without any refund or explanation.

* The organizers are not responsible for any loss, theft or misplacing of any personal belongings.

Note –
Apart from MIST, we do not operate under any other names or communication channels whilst sending messages and invites.

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