Covid 19 Support for Transgender community – Hyderabad

Paypal Payments will be directed through Samuel K It has been already one week Hyderabad has been totally lock down for fighting COVID19 . Hyderabadies are very stringently following the physical distancing instructed by the government and transgender people are also part of the same. But due to shut down many trans people who dependent on begging are pennyless. What ever groceries they had will get over in a day or two so urging the civil society to help us to buy groceries for atleast a month. - Rachana Mudraboyina
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“Because of the Corona virus we are bound to our homes now. It has become very difficult for us. We used to earn about 200-300 everyday by begging (and other traditions like badhai etc) but now we are unable to. All essentials have run out and we don’t know what to do.. please help us.”

— Meera Jasmine

The COVID-19 pandemic has particularly affected the transgender persons in our country, especially those surviving on daily wage. Since the lockdown, many folks in the community are struggling to make ends meet, while living with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and/or compromised immune systems and without family support structures.

This community has disproportionately been experiencing a lifelong arc of violence and discrimination, many of its community members currently are impoverished and without housing.

While India is struggling with the pandemic, we’re still awaiting the declaration of any relief measures for people who sustain on a hand to mouth basis.

What we are doing is not enough. But we’re  trying and we’re asking for your help.

We will be distributing packets of food essentials to 100 members of the trans community in Hyderabad. Each packet costs Rs. 1000. If possible, we would also like to extend our support to other members of the community in more remote parts.

Help us help the community.

Trust. Generosity. Empathy. Compassion.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Team MIST in collaboration with members of the Hijda Community and more concerned women

*The full list of essentials in a packet include: 2Kg Aata+2 Kg Daal+2kg Rice +1 litre Oil+1kg salt+1 pack sabji masala+100g haldi+2 soaps+1 match box+1kg milk powder+500g chai patti

*We would like you to trust us in these difficult times and we promise you that none of the people managing this fund (and none of their household members) will receive monies from this fund. All the bills of the purchase will be uploaded on the website to promote transparency.

Meet the Team

Rachana Mudraboyina
Moses Tulasi

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