Anthadhi | 19 minutes

Anthadhi – Misfit

Rating – 2/5
Tags – Lesbian | Queer | Shortfilm

That’s what most of the queer people feel about themselves right from their early teenage years. Especially in the society that screams hetero-normativity in every social-construct.

But what hurts more is not the feeling of being a misfit, but the constant reminding of it by people around us. The looks that people give, the tone in which they refer to you when talking behind your back, the assumption they make about you as a person after you come out to them – each and every such smallest of small gestures leaves one mentally drained out.

How many such people will you fight?
How many of these will you educate?
How many of them have the patience and desire to listen to us?

Anth-Adhi is a beautiful take on these questions. Two women, in love with each other, staying together in a small, humble space are trying to make sense about their lives. Their queer life.

One of them is super-irritated because of the absence of empathy from her family. Whereas the other one is trying to pacify her by talking about it, caressing her, offering her tea and holding her in the arms while she cries like a baby. It is really an interesting as well as thought-provoking discussion these two lovers have – about being queer, about educating the ignorant society, about not willing to live every moment as a struggle.

There is no End(Anth) to all this. There is no Beginning(Adhi) to a new chapter in a queer person’s life.

Or there is? As a queer person, we simply have no choice but to be patient and hope for the best.

In the end, I will leave you with some of the dialogues from the movie :

People just stop listening to you when you attack their very belief system. Don’t react. Respond.

Everyone has a certain level of capacity. Beyond that, no one can do anything.

If we give up now, they will never get an opportunity to understand us. So we have to have the patience.

~LoKi (

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