Queer Talks And Meetings (QTAM)

We know it takes a great deal to come to terms with oneself, to know that we need to understand and accept ourselves first to be able to express pride and belief in a crowd of staring and questioning eyes.

Spoon-fed care doesn’t teach this, but a guiding light could make a difference in self-learning and understanding.

So this is a place where we come together and hear one another in order to sustain the adventures life gifts us because we believe that humanity is an underrated super power! We can achieve peace even in the midst of life’s mess through each other’s words and understanding!

Sometimes compassionate words can start a new beginning for a drowned life.

We plan to meet and form a social support group for all of us dealing with numerous issues. We understand that each one of us fights a battle unknown to the world for survival!

We intend to be the kind of light that will help us understand ourselves and believe in the strength and courage each one of us is gifted with.

Experience teaches us best. We aim to learn from each other’s real life stories and struggles to help all of us have a non-judgemental and open-minded platform to live life to the fullest and make living much happier and peaceful!

QTAM happens every alternate weekends (either on Saturday or Sunday) at Mist Centre where we discuss about a specific topic or just have fun if any festival is around the time. Details of the QTAM will be posted in Mist Facebook Page and QTAM group.