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Official Selection of Out & Loud - PIQFF 2020

Out & Loud - PIQFF's official selections for 2020 is here! We present to you 65 movies from 43 countries, handpicked by your friendly neighborhood queers. So what are you waiting for, block your calenders for this September 2020! A month-full of queer movies from all over the world to watch from your home, at your own convenience.

Out & Loud 2020 Schedule
Out & Loud 2020 Panel Discussions

Launching on the platform on the 6th Sep 2020, 4 pm. An interesting panel discussion about Section 377, before and after.

Moderator: Andy Barve


Rachana Mudraboyina (Transvision, Hyderabad)
Vishal Pinjani (Founder - Abhimaan, Kohlapur)
Arvind Narrain (Lawyer - ALF, Bangalore)

Launching on the platform on the 13th Sep 2020, 4 pm. An interesting panel discussion about Safe Campuses.

Moderator: Manveen Kaur


Rahel Rao - Head of the Queer Qrew at SSLA
Meetanshi Gaba - Secretary of the Queer Qrew SSLA
Ivan John - Sophia College (Mumbai)
Smitana Saikia - Flame University (Pune)

Official Selections of Out & Loud - PIQFF 2020

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Director: Tathagata Ghosh

Manob is in love with another man. And he has a price to pay for that. Not only is he fighting the society around him, but his own homophobic father, who does not even refrain from physical violence to "cure his son from the disease of loving another man". A younger Manob once danced in his school function, dressed up as a woman. And it is from that time he possibly realized that he might be a woman trapped inside a man's body. The stakes get higher when he is also looked down upon by his lover, who refuses to accept him unless he transforms to a woman completely. Dejected, Manob decides to travel to the city to look into the possibilities of a sex change operation. Meanwhile, Manob's father also arranges his marriage with the daughter of a relative. Cornered, Manob now has to make a choice between giving up his struggle or standing up for who he truly is.

Director: Larry Tung

In celebration of becoming the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage, Taiwan threw a big wedding banquet in front of its Presidential Office Building in Taipei. About 20 couples participated in the mass wedding officiated by a lesbian film director. The banquet featured traditional Taiwanese food, drag shows and other performances that marked the biggest victory in Taiwan's LGBT movement.

Director: Sai Deodhar

This is film about a brother sister bond. Karthik harbours dreams of pursuing a path his family chooses not to understand and vehemently dissuades him. He has been asked to perform at a prestigious cultural event, and he proudly sends the invite to his sister. What happens between the two siblings, whether Karthik's sister accepts him for what he is, forms the crux of the story. The film talks about love and equality and conveys a message to support and accept everyone as they are!

Director: Pierce Hadjinicola, Sinclair Suhood

Kevin is a teenager growing up in a rural neighbourhood. With the support of his partner and his sister he becomes himself and learns that not everyone in his life will accept him for who he is, most prominently his mother.

Director: Aleksei Borovikov

A bitter-sweet story of a young man Daniel who goes to a bar to get drunk feeling alone on Valentine's Day.

Director: William Stewart

A nervous encounter between a middle-age schoolteacher and a male prostitute.

Director: Steven Fraser

A nervDix Pix is a short animated documentary that looks at the gay male/trans/non-binary body and why it is common for people to send naked pictures via dating apps. The documentary takes an experimental approach in its visual style and tackles themes of masculinity, queerness, solitude and the body. All interviews were conducted over the gay dating/hookup app Grindr and feature a series of redrawn and animated dick pics. I received the dick pics on the app and asked the sender why they sent the photos. The responses were interesting and diverse and are presented in the animated documentary Dix Pix.

Director: Davide Di Votti

An artist make a special paint with his special model.

Director: Chucho E. Quintero

Isabel breaks up with Román when she finds out he’s been cheating on her with Óscar. After high school graduation, she travels with her friends to a cabin in the woods to celebrate, but Román tags along to try to win her back, turning this pleasant weekend into a ticking bomb that will be set off by the unstoppable sexual impulses of this group of young people stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Director: Leo Tabosa

Marie is a road movie, it is Mario's story coming back to the dry interior of Brazil after 15 years to bury the father. Mario returns to the home town, as Marie, a trans woman. And she finds her best chidhood friend, Estevão, and she finds her past too. Estevão helps Marie in a journey to Crato in order to bury her father.

Director: Antonino Buzzone

Convinced that society would never accept their love, two female teenagers struggle to keep their relationship a secret. When an ex boyfriend threatens to expose them, Lea and Zoey contemplate if their love should continue. In a world full of prejudice can unconditional love survive? - Convinte che la società non accetterebbe il loro amore, due ragazze adolescenti faticano a mantenere la loro relazione segreta. Quando un ex fidanzato le scopre e minaccia di dirlo a tutti, Lea e Zoey riflettono se la loro storia debba continuare. Esiste davvero un luogo dove l'amore incondizionato può trionfare sui pregiudizi?

Director: Arunkumar Senthil

Coffee Cafe film features four stories of four characters connected to each other. Vinothini a divorced independent women runs a coffee café and also creates modern plays based on street play (Therukoothu). Kaveri 40yrs old transgender who works at that coffee shop as housekeeping. Senthil is an independent filmmaker who struggles for his debut film in a financial crisis. Pooja a freaky girl wants to live as her wish even having severed life at risk. One night one incident makes them all connect which one leads the plot. We handled two important sequences in this movie. 1) One is Indian Transgender’s Main Ritual called “Milk Function” for 'LGBTIQ" Concept. 2) Second one is “Karnamotcham – the Street play”. Karnamotcham is a Sub-sequence of “Guruchetra war” in Indian Epic “Mahabharatha”.

Director: Amit Sanouria

Pencil Box is a coming of age story of a mischievous young boy.. whose life is a beautiful example of nature's mysterious ways..

Director: Selwin Vervoort

Travelling through the thoughts of Lucas, a man who is afraid of losing his masculinity after eating a pink fruit. This dialogue-free movie is about insecurity, it’s juicy and a bit erotic. Expect fast and organic movements, transitions and metamorphosis. A MIVC St. Joost graduation film by Selwin Vervoort.

Director: Leo Herrera

Fathers is a sci-fi short docu-series that imagines the world if AIDS never happened and a generation lived to change the world. A queer utopia named Stonewall Nation has been founded by a generation of activist and artists, Vito Russo has become our first gay president, the Gay Mens Health Force has invented poppers that cure STD's, and gay Mardi Gras Krewes have provided care for LGBT elderly. By 2020, a new queer religion has been created. Featuring survivor interviews, filmed in real-life events and exploring actual historical events and figures. Filmed on loation in queer meccas across America including Provincetown, San Francisco, New Orleans, New York, Zipolite/CDMX. Unprecedented access was granted to the filmmakers to document gay Mardi Gras, parades, leather fairs, BDSM gathering, spiritual rituals, and much more. Episodes 1-5, each are 7-13 minutes each. Total running time 40-45 Minutes. The 4th episode presented here is uncensored and features scenes of queer sex. A censored version is available upon request.

Director: Lois Norman

Swivel What if, you can be all of who you are and still allow another? That just for one night, judgement no longer exists? What if, an intimacy of touch, a truth of want, Swivels around your doubt and trusts? What if, love is not a gender, it is a swivel of the heart? Swivel is a short gender fluid dance story by Award winning director Lois Norman, starring the trailblazing Iron&Sparks. With visceral Cinematography by Canadian Teryl Brouillette, powerful Sound Design by UK's Jemma Cholawo and New Zealand's Helen Mountfort moving cello score, Swivel is a brave leap of faith, that moves to express the courage it takes, to explore sexuality with true equality, acceptance and compassion.

Director: Patrick Serre

A child who is building his own identity is confronted to the religious fantism of his father. This is going to mark him for life in his rlationships with others.

Director: Heather Harris

Greyson is a writer who previously attempted to commit suicide via drowning in a deserted indoor swimming pool. She survived the attempt but has been in recluse ever since and no longer leaves the house. Her only close relationship is with her girlfriend, Grace, who came into her life after the attempt. When Greyson is contacted by the Suicide Survivors Association about writing a speech she is thrilled by the opportunity and tries to get back on her feet. Unfortunately, during this time Greyson begins to experience psychosis and her partner, Grace, becomes more and more sinister and soon Greyson isn't sure of what is real or not anymore. When it is revealed that Grace isn't real, Greyson overdoses and drowns herself in her bathtub and Grace, who represents her inner struggle, triumphs.

Director: Leandro Goddinho, Paulo Menezes

Lolo is an openly gay 11-year-old boy trying to finally convince Max, his first love, to go public with their relationship at the school party. GERMAN: Lolo ist 11 Jahre alt und offen schwul. Er will Max, seine erste große Liebe, davon überzeugen ihre Beziehung bei der anstehenden Schul-Party öffentlich zu machen. Max möchte auch eine Beziehung, aber ist sich nicht sicher ob Lolo der Richtige ist. Lolos beste Freunde Elena und Toby stehen ihm in dieser Situation bei und geben ihm die Unterstützung, die er braucht.

Director: Katharina Woll

Homophobia is not funny, everything else is!

Director: Tom Pardoe

Have you ever felt stuck? Depressed? Numb? Emotionally and/or physically void of life? Nothing left but just a shell of a person with nothing left to live for? But then that one spark, that one person, that one word triggers something in you. That it brings you back to reality. That is what STILL HERE is about. Find out why a 75 year old mother is admitting her 45 year old son to an assisted living center. Find out if something triggers him back to reality. A story of Inspiration and hope.

Director: Anna Karín Lárusdóttir

Lísa is fifteen years old and lives with her mother in the suburbs in Iceland. She is different from girls her age, but she hasn’t reached puberty. She is isolated and has a big secret about herself. Regular uncomfortable doctors visits and struggling with her self image demonstrates her everyday life. She avoids her peers, especially the girls who she feels very disconnected from. One of these girls is her childhood friend Bryndís, which Lísa has pushed away over the years. When Bryndís is being bullied by some boys in their class Lísa decides to reach back out to her, the two reunite, leading her to tell Bryndís about her secret. Bryndís’s curiosity and bluntness leads Lísa to discover more secrets about her body and even darker about her medical history.

Director: Tania Cypriano

BORN TO BE follows the work of Dr. Jess Ting at the groundbreaking Center for Trans- gender Medicine and Surgery in NYC—where, for the first time, all transgender and non- binary people have access to quality healthcare and surgery. With extraordinary access, this feature-length documentary takes an intimate look at how one doctor’s work impacts the lives of his patients as well as how his journey from renow- ned plastic surgeon to pioneering gender-affirming surgeon has led to his own transforma- tion. BORN TO BE gives voice to those who seek to be their authentic selves and addresses the nuances and complexities of gender, exploring key issues around the human right for self expression and self determination and highlighting the critical need for gender-affirming healthcare. Through the transitions of Dr. Ting’s patients, we witness the joys and torments that come with this brand-new territory—even as we see the limitations of Dr. Ting’s renowned surgical skills, and his commitment to his new field being tested.

Director: Fabien Ara

SIMON : ”I want to be a girl, mommy.” Alma freezes. She doesn’t know how to react: from now on, her 8-year-old son wants to dress up like a fairy to go to school. She asks for help from her neighbors. Soon the whole building is debating on Simon’s choice for gender orientation.

Director: Soham Pujara

It’s a night of poetry and storytelling, especially for Ryan, a 25-year-old corporate professional from Mumbai, India. He has lived a life of torture due to his sexuality but something finally triggers him to come out and say his story.

Director: Luxi Xiao

Pulse is a story about a mother(Carol) and her 17-year-old son(Matt) coming to terms with her husband's(Joe) death and sexuality after the Orlando nightclub shooting in 2016. Carol and Matt take very different ways to deal with Joe's death, which leads their relationship to fall apart. At some point, Matt becomes very close to his swimming coach Travis. Travis takes very good care of Matt and plays a father figure to him during the process of recovering from his loss. However, Carol misunderstands their relationship and sees it very differently...

Director: Tamara Scherbak

Is Your Teen A Homosexual?' is a short allegorical comedy that satirizes Trump's America by using the style of “teen hygiene” educational films of the 1950s. Johnny comes out to his family, who is helped by an off-screen Narrator, but stereotypes and prejudices prove to be stronger than family ties.

Director: Michael Achtman

A young, non-binary visitor to London returns to their Airbnb to find an older gay man has moved in while they were out. In a small studio flat over one turbulent night, Orin and Anto confront the queer generation gap and decide to make space for each other.

Director: Madison Thomas, Kevin P. Gabel

"Seven Drinks" is a romantic drama about two young men, Mitch and Bobby, who meet for coffee one afternoon and quickly fall for each other. The film follows the course of their relationship through seven scenes in a story spanning years, exploring how they come into their own identities and struggle with challenges to their relationship and future happiness.

Director: Florent Gouelou

In a small village, Leo, 17 years-old, has a strong taste for make-up. His big brother, Jules, who fears to be laughed at, stands against this passion. On the night of the open stage, Leo shows up in full drag...

Director: Andrey Volkashin

Almir is a closeted gay man struggling with self-acceptance. Left high and dry by his married lover, Almir decides to spend New Year’s Eve with his dying friend Militsa. As the city celebrates, the two talk about their lives and loves, but does Almir dare to tell his closest friend his deepest secret?

Director: Rich Varville, Jeff Willy

When a young man takes his boyfriend to his conservative family's gender reveal, their relationship is tested by both the familial expectations and the truth of being who they are.

Director: Anita Singh

On July 2, 2009, Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, a colonial law, which criminalizes the LGBT community on the basis of their sexual preferences, was decriminalized by the Delhi High Court in India after a long legal battle which was started back in 2001 by Naz Foundation. This judgement was overturned by the Supreme Court on December 11, 2013 owing to various socio-religious groups appealing against the High Court Judgement. Numerous people who had come out during this period were left in lurch and scared at the prospect of being treated as criminals in their own country now. Before the conservative Indian society could bring itself to accepting and respecting an individual’s sexual choice, the Supreme Court shut the door on the community. This documentary is an attempt at understanding how the High Court and Supreme Court judgements have affected the community and what transpired in the lives of these people over years. It analyses the judgements from both the Courts and tries to understand if they were constitutionally valid or sheer travesty of justice.

Director: Adeeb Rais

Set in a quaint town in Maharashtra - Palghar. We follow Jeet, a young documentary filmmaker as he spends the day with Mrs. Deshpande & Tulika, her young niece. Mrs. Deshpande is a widowed science professor grieving the death of her young son. The unlikely trio strike a friendship as they express some of their deepest fears. A few unexpected and uncomfortable conversations take place that changes their outlook towards life forever.

Director: Eli Jean Tahchi

In December 2017, as Trump officially recognizes Jerusalem the capital of Israel, WALID, a 27 year old Palestinian finds out that his uncle who raised him, is suffering from terminal phase cancer. These disturbing news upset him and jeopardizes the relationship with his girlfriend especially after a provocative encounter with a man.

Director: Jordana Valerie Allen-Shim

An experimental autoethnographical documentary about queer joy, resistance, and resilience in the face of abuse, trauma, and transphobia.

Director: Nilip Deb

Prison is the story of a recluse going through existence with a battered soul. His house is his Prison where he has isolated himself by his own will. It is the microcosm of the freedom-less larger world where he has managed to find a little freedom of his own.

Director: Sameeksha Khandelwal, Sumit Raina

The film focuses on the subject of gender being something more than a binary and how the current society due to their beliefs based on misinformation and lack of understanding about gender fluidity is pushing gender minorities to margins and is also not leaving any room for flexibility and variance in gender expression for anyone. It is discussed how the norms have changed over the years and how it is not just an issue pertaining to the Trans community but also limits the expression of a ‘Cis Man or Woman’. The film discusses about the notion of gender incongruence being ‘unnatural’, how things that were considered unacceptable in the past are widely prevalent now and also how pop-culture representation plays a role in establishing gender roles. It then leads to the aspects of trans bill 2019 that has been passed on 26th november 2019 and has become an act. The biggest reason behind the opposition to the bill being that a decent number of people were not consulted from the community while its formulation and that the bill has many clauses which are in contradiction with the Supreme Court’s NALSA judgement and has also ignored many crucial directions from it. The film is the culmination of views of the community regarding the bill.

Director: Kate Reid

This short film is about how queer Canadian singer-songwriter, Kate Reid, came to the decision to undergo a surgery that dramatically altered her body. It is the story of how she felt about and in her body in relation to others, and the meaning that the world impressed upon their body before the surgery. Since having top surgery, Kate Reid has felt more at home in their body than ever before. Like so many people in the world, it turns out that Kate Reid’s gender identity is a hybrid and fluid identity of sorts. It is an assemblage of many different ideas, words, feelings, energies, lived experiences, and now, altered body parts. It is a gender that is somewhere in between.

Director: Rosie Westhoff

TREACLE is the story of two friends, BELLE, and JESSIE, who go on a weekend away to help Jessie get over a recent breakup. Road tripping through California, we follow them over the course of 24 hours as Belle convinces Jessie to not cancel the trip she’d originally planned to go on with her ex. Lines begin to blur between them when the always heterosexual Jessie in her drunken, post breakup loneliness kisses bisexual Belle. TREACLE aims to give a voice to the ‘B’ in ‘LGBT’.

Director: Sachin Bidwai

This short film is based on transgender discrimination. In today's world also, even though we are in 20th century , it's very difficult for any transgender to stand in a society even for a Noble cause. Thank You Sonali is asking to the 2020's society whether are they Saving Sonalis basic "Right to Live". Everyday these so called modern society killing many Sonalis by their comments, treatment, discrimination, behaviour. THIS IS THE RIGHT TIME TO CHANGE.

Director: Jijo Kuriakose

‘Nján Sánjo’(I’m Sánjo) documents the life of a dynamic young man named Sanjo in a transphobic suburban locality. Sanjo's insights spill over the struggles with his gender idenity, lack of inclusive spaces and minimal awareness of trans masculine identities in Kerala. Sánjo, who was gender assigned female at birth also shares his passion for mathematics, hockey etc. and how they were key to his survival and realising his gender identity. This short documentary attempts to delve into questions of autonomy of a transman, from Kerala, and the scope of inclusion for trans persons in contemporary Indian society.

Director: Nidheya Suresh

A young gay Indian woman tries to protect her carefully curated life abroad, as her estranged mother of ten years pays a visit.

Director: Sakiran Dubakka

The story of Substance is one of guilt, male sexuality and consent, and passion that sometimes turns out to be an all-consuming inferno. The film opens with a murky situation that has warranted the involvement of police. It further unfolds to reveal that a murder has taken place, which is later discovered to be an overdose on drugs instead. As soon as the viewer begins to get comfortable with this truth, another unexpected turn awaits them, one that would involve the weaving of the narrative from the start all over again. The progression of events leads to the resurfacing of guilt, along with a dark reality that the protagonist had attempted to conceal so far. The plot unravels to reveal a truth far from what the viewer had been led on to believe. Notions of right and wrong are brought under scrutiny as all drama boils down to the decision of a police officer in the face of a character's deep repentance. Sometimes the punishment as well as the redemption of a sin is the knowledge and the regret of having committed it, along with the inability to undo it, and that indeed is the message the film attempts to drive home.

Director: Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson

An intimate glimpse of the first visible group of transgender men in the Pacific - the Rogers of Samoa. From the loneliness of family rejection and homelessness to the camaraderie of cooking, church and dance, their stories reveal the challenges and possibilities of life in an island society rooted in tradition.

Director: Robert Menefee

On June 30, 2019, there were two NYC Gay Pride marches. The big old march had a large police presence, sidewalk barriers, and corporate sponsors. The new smaller march was more open, with fewer police, and with no “rainbow capitalism.” The smaller march followed the route of the first pride march of June 28, 1970 - from the Stonewall Inn to the Great Lawn of Central Park. The transgender women at Stonewall were pushed out of the gay rights movement. Now they are getting a statue in New York. The monument honoring Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera will be the first of its kind in the world. Click here to know more.

Director: öykü aytulun

Derya has to face and come to terms with her daughter’s way of life.

Director: Miguel Gabaldón

Four seasons. Four stories. A glimpse with no words through the life of four couples in the cities of Madrid, Chicago and New York.

Director: Eleonora Privitera

"It’s still me, Mom” explores the complexities and struggles in an American family relationships, when dealing with gender transition. This film follows Ashley in the process of completing her gender’s transition in order to feel authentically herself and her mother, Susan, in search of a new sense of balance within their own family. We hear both of them sharing their personal stories, speaking intensely about how gender transition is stigmatized and discriminated within families it selves.

Director: Sam McGowan

A shy teenager attempts to manipulate a game of seven minutes in heaven so he can confess his feelings to the boy he is infatuated with.

Director: João Dall'Stella

Jonathan goes to the restroom in the middle of an opera performance. He has a very specific mission. He takes off his marriage ring and opens the secret golden glory hole hidden inside one of the stalls. Now, he waits for someone to come in so he can be on his knees. His heart accelerates as each new guy comes into the restroom. Finally, after taping his feet in what looks like a tap-dancing sequence he is able to find another man willing to give him what he wants.

Director: Naveen Tokas, Deepanshu Pitlehra

I might not be the woman to you. But i surely be an inspiration to those living in a body like me. Naveen Tokas and Deepanshu Pitlehra, the directors of Miss Womaniya Production presenting the India's first cinematic documentary on the Life of the Transmodel Archie Singh. The film shows the struggle of the model beginning from her childhood to the dream she has achieved. Nothing is impossible if you're doing it with the best of your heart. Fighting with the tags labelled by the society, the movie conveying the message that "Women are women and the tags like trans is not going to stop anyone to achieve their dreams."

Director: Aditya Parekh

This is story of a Visitor and a Local Guy who meet for a hookup but finally end up falling for each other.

Director: Aleksei Borovikov

After two strangers lock eyes in a cafe, they both have to deal with unexpected feelings.

Director: Ashutosh S. Shankar

On 6th September 2018, the Supreme Court of India made a historical judgement by scrapping section 377 of the Indian penal code that once had criminalized gay-sex. This film revolves around the night before the section 377 verdict. A story of two men living in love, fear and everything in between.

Director: Jayan Cherian

Three young people, Haris, a gay painter; Vishnu, a rural kabaddi player, and their friend Sia, an activist who refuse to conform to dominant norms of femininity, struggle to find space and happiness in a conservative Indian City.

Director: Leona Goldstein

A beautiful documentary on the debate about LGBTQ+ realities in India 2020.

Director: Kevin Anthony

Max is dating his dream boyfriend, Jason – in secret. Jason’s everything he wants and everything he doesn’t need.

Director: Debalina Majumder

AIn February 2011, two girls Swapna and Sucheta commit suicide in Nandingram, West Bengal, India. Their bodies remained unclaimed by family and society. If You Dare Desire/ Abar Jadi Icchha Karo ... builds on this protest of love and death. It imagines a different politics of hope and resistance.

Director: Fawzia Mirza

In the afterglow of a seemingly fated hookup, two women realize that perhaps they have a little too much in common.

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