Refund & Return Policy

This Refund & Return Policy (hereinafter known as “Policy”) is an effort of QueerBazaar by Mist LGBTQ Foundation (hereinafter known as “Company”) to continuously provide quality customer service to its patrol.

This Policy will provide the Company’s employees, staff and even the customers themselves, the procedures, guidelines, limitations and Legal consideration about the management of returned products in cases of issues regarding quality, refund and other exchanges of unintended or unwanted products and goods.

The company has its centre in Maharashtra. Once the order is confirmed and paid, we initiate the order for dispatch process. However, the handling time for an order would be 3-5 working days, Handling time may be different for third-party vendors. The company is working with multiple vendors and carrier partners to make sure customer receive their items safely and speedy and at a reasonable price. It may take a maximum of 15-20 days for delivery of order depending on customer’s postal code and the local restrictions in case of situations like but not limited to pandemic, natural disasters, war like conditions.

Scope and Limitations:

This Policy will help and guide the company’s employees, staff and even the customers themselves, in the procedures, guidelines and limitations, and legal considerations on the management of the returned products in cases of issues regarding quality, refund and other exchanges of unintended or unwanted products and goods (hereinafter known as “Items”).

Moreover, this policy will cover all the items, perishables and non-perishables alike, sold by the Company; or the third-party vendors available on the company’s website; and are subject and limited to the items’ warranty period and condition upon return.

Definition of Terms:

  • Perishables- Items with limited shelf life, such as foods, beverages, etc.
  • Non-Perishables- Items with longer and in some cases, unlimited shelf life; such as apparels, mobiles cases, personal care items, household items, etc.

Item Return, Refund, and Exchange:

Items purchased from the Company can be returned, exchanged, or refunded within (7) days from the date of purchase. Customers must present the Item’s receipt or other proof of purchase to the person in-charge for returns and exchanges, before a refund or exchange can take place. Items without a purchase receipt, beyond the return period, or in a condition beyond normal wear and tear will not be eligible for refund or exchange.

Exchange of Products:

Items exchange only applies to the items returned due to mistakes by the company or its third-party sellers, damages and defects on the items or the expiration of an item upon purchase. Returned items for exchange will undergo a strict process of assessing its condition before a replacement will take place.

It is the customer’s duty to bring it to the company, within 48 hours of delivery, in case the item delivered is damaged, defects on the item or expiration of an item upon purchase. The customer has to send a video and photograph of the item intended to be exchanged to

When an item is eligible for an exchange:

An item is eligible for an exchange, if:

  • the item in question is in a damaged condition or unusable condition
  • the item in question is a defected piece
  • The seller has delivered wrong item instead of the intended item
  • An exchange request has been raised within the stipulated time period as mentioned in this policy

When an item is not eligible for an exchange:

An item is not eligible for an exchange, if:

  • The item, in case of an apparel, was desired in a different colour than ordered
  • The customer has ordered a wrong size of an apparel
  • Swimwear or any intimate wear (read as items) are not eligible for a refund
  • The items are found to be in used condition


Refund only applies to items returned and where product exchange is impossible due to unavailability of similar items. No refunds shall be made without assessing or ascertaining the condition of the returned item or the availability of replacement item by the person in-charge.

Condition of the Returned Product:

All items subject to this policy must be returned in its normal packaging condition or an unused condition if purchased with damages or defects. The condition of all returned items will undergo a strict assessment process by the person in-charge.

Third-Party Vendors:

Any item sold by a third-party vendor shall be subjected to their own return and exchange policy. In an event of absence of any return and exchange policy by a third-party vendor, the company’s policy shall prevail.

Governing Law:

This policy is drafted and created by the management team of Mist LGBTQ Foundation. This policy shall be subjected to the rules, regulations and laws prevailing in the Union of India.

Arbitration Clause:

All dispute arising out of or in connection with the present Returns and Exchange Policy shall be finally settled under the rules and regulations of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 2013 by one or more arbitrator appointed in accordance with the said Rules. The Proceedings shall take place in Bangalore, Karnataka or Pune, Maharashtra or by virtual conferencing.

~ Effective as on date 25.01.2022
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