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Clinic Coordinator

The coordinator will be the clinic in charge and functional team leader of the service delivery at the clinic, and responsible to plan and execute the services and maintain client data/records as outlined in the Clinic SOP and adhere to administration and finance procedures as laid down. The coordinator will be the point person of the clinic for the overall ACCELERATE program.

Apply before 14 June

Medical Officer

The Medical Officer (MO) leads service delivery in a community-friendly and stigma-free environment to the community members and works in close coordination with the clinic coordinator, under the overall guidance of the project team. The MO examines the patients, advises required investigations, reviews and prescribes the treatment. It includes referral services such as surgical interventions.

Apply before 14 June

M&E Officer

The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) officer will be responsible for the managing of all monitoring and evaluation activities of the clinic. The M&E Officer will be responsible to collect data, check data accuracy, validate, analyse and compile monthly reports. The M&E Officer will be reporting to the Clinic Coordinator and closely work with the functionaries managing M&E systems at the district and state level.

Apply before 14 June


The Community Counsellor will work under the guidance and supervision of the Clinic Coordinator. The Community counsellor will be the first interface with the community at the facility. The Peer Counsellor assess the client expectations and purpose for the visit, provides relevant guidance on gender transition services including hormone therapy and provides peer counselling on HIV/STI prevention, testing, treatment and adherence.

Apply before 14 June

Staff Nurse

The Clinic Nurse is expected to assist the Medical Officer and coordinate with the clinic team for regular maintenance and supplies of clinic and support in capturing client medical history/records and field-level health camps. The Nurse supports MO in conducting physical examination including ano-genital region, and guide the clients on medication intake.

Apply before 14 June

Community Coordinator

The Community Coordinator will closely work with the Clinic Coordinator and M&E Officer to plan the service delivery activities in the district. The Community Coordinator will work with the team of Community Mobilisers and Peers to promote the clinical services through innovative approaches, create demand and provide required services. Will take lead on advocacy and partnership building initiatives with various stakeholders such as Govt, NGOs & Pvt institutions to support legal aid and social protection services for the TG-H people.

Apply before 14 June

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