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Working With Pride is thrilled to be part of the Out and Loud Pune Queer Film Festival. We have a proud tradition of supporting this festival.  We share its mission and recognize its impact.

The current hardships going on in the world and particularly India make the mission of the Out and Loud Pune Queer Film Festival critically important.  We are distancing ourselves physically to slow the spread of a horrible virus while at the same time, we are experiencing tremendous loss.  That makes connecting with each other hard but so very important.  The films presented in this festival help us connect.

These films are made by passionate and gifted people that are using their talents to tell stories about us.  We connect with each other and ourselves through these movies.  In this time of extraordinary isolation and stress, they give us a chance to have virtual watch parties.  They give us something to call our friends and talk about.

This film festival is all about connecting people and so is Working With Pride.  We connect people to help make better Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy and Programs in their companies and communities.  In our groups, experts share their diverse knowledge and experience while supporting each other through the difficult and rewarding process of making positive change.

This year we have a special focus on our Leadership Development Program, Leading With Pride (LWP).  Our Delhi and Bangalore 2021 sessions begin in early July.  For more info go to www.workingwithpride.org or email us at lwp@workingwithpride.org.  We plan to  start programs in Mumbai and Pune in late September or early October.  As part of the festival promotion, MIST will be selecting an individual to sponsor in a LWP session.  The selected individual will be able to attend any of these sessions, whichever is closest to where they live. Register now to attend Out & Loud and show your interest to participate in LWP while registering.

In Leading With Pride, we connect early career professionals and activists with ideas, and with each other, in ways that allow them to build their capability to lead positive change in the world.  Participants learn how to turn difficult experiences into sources of inspiration, motivation, and expertise that empower them to lead positive change.

The corona virus pandemic has made visible to all of us, the devastating impact of disease.  And for many of us, it has also given additional visibility to the great inequities and disempowerment in our world.  The pandemic has given us new clarity to how vulnerable we are, some of us more than others.  The virus doesn’t discriminate but our society does, and that discrimination makes many of us not only vulnerable to the disease but also to its side effects like depression, isolation and economic despair.

Like the organizers of this film festival, many of us are working hard to ease the impact and change the systems that create vulnerability.  Leading With Pride is about empowering you to make the changes you want to see in the world.  We don’t need to rely on anyone else to make things better.  We can and should do it.  We understand what needs to change better than anyone else.  We know why the change is needed.  We have the vision.  Leading With Pride helps you build the skills to achieve the changes you want to see in the world.

Our participants have used what they have learned to go on to do great things.  Chances are, you know some of them.  We’ve posted some here.

Leading With Pride is a great opportunity for you to find out how powerful you can be.  It is a chance for you to be a more impactful part of our collective recovery and our collective efforts to make the world better for more people.  It is a chance for you to understand how powerful and impactful your unique story can be.

We invite you to consider your own story while you enjoy and learn from the stories of others in this festival.  How can you use your story to make positive change?

Started in 2009 as a collective and now as Mist LGBTQ Foundation, Mist aims at empowering the LGBTQ+ community & promotes safe love by changing mindset through awareness.

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