The Voice of Heart

Babe I know you’re asleep but I have something to say to you so in the morning you will know how I feel tonight….

I fall to sleep with a smile,
Just picturing you with me tonight.
Even though our distance is longer than mile,
I know that this feeling I feel is right.
I can feel your heart beat,
Even now as I fall to sleep.
Our hearts together is a song on repeat,
A sweet rhythm I hope we always keep.
My love, do you feel what I say?
Your touch brings me to my knees.
Just the thought of our someday-
Puts my every worry at ease.
I fall to sleep tonight,
Thinking of you,
Because our love is so right,
And so true.
Miss you baby I love you ❤❤❤

Written by - Yuki Kaze | Age: 28 | Location: Bangalore | Language: English

Started in 2009 as a collective and now as Mist LGBTQ Foundation, Mist aims at empowering the LGBTQ+ community & promotes safe love by changing mindset through awareness.

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