Mist Initiatives

"Taking LGBTQ India Global"


MIST - an online collective of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender activists from all over India - aims at bringing the queer and ally community together to celebrate the joyous moments of life and building the strength within community.


Founded in 2015 by MIST, an online collective of LGBT activists from all over India, QAAF brings together artists, craftspeople, and performers from all over India in a single event that demonstrates the talent and artistry of queer and allies.


QTAM is a place where we come together and hear one another, to sustain the adventures life gifts us. We believe that humanity is an underrated super power! We can achieve peace even in the midst of life's mess through eachother's words!

Out & Loud PIQFF

The Out & Loud Pune International Queer Film Festival, powered by MIST, is an annual event showcasing handpicked queer films from the world over. The very first event takes place during April 2017 at Pune -Maharashtra, India

Story - My Life, My story

Story is a space where people can share stories, in hope to uplift the LGBTQ community. We hope that the stories we collect will help the LGBTQ individuals come to terms with their identity and understand that they are not alone.

 About LGBTQ


A single place for the LGBTQ community in India where they can display their content to the world by making LGBTQ India digital. Many NGOs, Support groups and other social activist groups who are actively participating in fighting for their rights don't have a website to display their activism to the world out there. In order to display those hard works to the entire world, Mist, in 2016 came up with the idea of "Making LGBTQ in India Digital" and trying to setup a website for the people who are in need to display their work and training will be provided to the people working for the group to update the website which in turn make the organisation visible for people trying to reach them. Contact us @ +91 955 235 6574 or lgbtmist@gmail.com for more details.